Thursday, May 29, 2014

High tech teacher

Why do I want to be a high tech teacher?

My goal is to provide students with an engaging environment that is going to increase their global awareness.  I want my students to leave my classroom learning more than just Spanish.  I want them to leave having had experiences that will leave a lasting impact.  I want to create and foster a love for Spanish through the use of technology.  Imagine what your high school language class would have been like if you could email, Skype or voice message a student across the globe right from your seat in the classroom?  Or, if you could have taken a virtual tour of The Prado in Spain?  Or, if you could simply flip through electronic flash cards without having to cut paper or use note cards to make your own? Maybe you would have actually studied and would not be saying, "Wow, I took four years of Spanish and all I can say is hola and tacos."  I want more than this for my students!

The possibilities are endless and I am looking forward to being able to provide my students with a window to the outside world, outside of Mason that is, and having them see life from a different perspective.   

I am so excited at the opportunities that will be available to these students and to learn and share what everyone else is doing in their classrooms.